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Solidity Blockchain Programming,  NFT Collection Creation and Minting Dapps, Building of Crypto and Presence, Data Analytics for Crypto, Business Development for Blockchain, Growth Marketing, and Full Web3 Consulting.



We create ecommerce flagships that turn heads, win hearts, and convert shoppers to buyers. From luxury fashion to pet supplies to cosmetics, we apply our love of brand, consumer expertise, and technical knowledge to every experience.


We help our clients create unique product experiences that better connect with customers. Our UX team is involved in every stage of the development process from initial concept to final output. Our UI designers are well-versed across both Android and iOS. 

Mobile & Web Apps

We understand that code is a living entity that needs to scale and adapt as your business grows. We’ll help you pick the stack that fits the nature of your project and long-term goals, delivering a final product that prioritizes maintainability.


All our sites have a CMS that allows you to easily update your website. Data analysts care less about numbers and more about what your data is saying. Most importantly, we analyze and aggregate our findings to create better experiences across the board.


We create interactive web experiences using the latest technologies that scale across mobile, desktop, and tablet devices. We work closely with you in the initial discovery workshops to understand your target base and to create a unique and innovative user experience.


While each phase moves your brand somewhere new and exciting, we continuously infuse direction from what we’ve learned about where the brand has come from, where you’d like the brand to go, and how the new brand image will impact consumer behavior. 


Our designers work closely with brand stakeholders and the whole team to ensure the look & feel is on brand, compelling and drives conversion. We break from the “commerce cookie cutter” look with immersive imagery and differentiated layouts that turn heads and win over hearts. 


Our senior strategy consultants will help you refine your target market and their needs, clearly articulate your value proposition, and then identify the right marketing channels to reach your target customers.

It’s pretty straightforward, honestly. I had a lot of ideas for my business, and was lucky enough to meet the team at Garden Gnome. They took my ideas, threw out the bad ones, and ran with the good ones. Then they added a bunch of their own, and went to work. It was really cool seeing my vision come to life across the board. I’d recommend them to everyone.

Liam Daniel
CEO, Black Knight

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